Yufuin Soy Sauce Main Store’s summer gift sets. Assorted gift with our top-selling and highly recommended items.

Popular Dashi Soy Sauce Set

Popular Shirodashi which can be used for Tofu and clear soup.

Best 4 Set

Assortment of popular items including recommended roasted garlic.

Soy Sauce Delivery Set

Assortment of soy sauce with Kabosu juice produced in Oita, high quality Dashi soy sauce, Shirodashi(white soy sauce with soup stock) and Yuzu kosho.

Shop Manager’s motenashi Set

Shop manager’s highly recommended soy sauce and Yuzu Kosho with varieties of side dishes

Heart-warming Japanese Dumpling Soup

Assortment of Kabosu soy sauce which goes well with Nabe(hot pot), popular two  Tsukudani and Japanese dumpling Soup.

Three soy sauce musketeers Set

Our highly recommended three kinds of soy sauce.

** The above-mentioned gift set (Assortments) include gift box charges. See the following for detailed information of gift wrapping.  Gift wrapping

** We make an assorted gift box with items you select depends on your budget.