We are a soy sauce store located in Yunotsubo-street in Yufuin.


Since establishment of our store, we have been grown up with and supported by many customers and locals.

For those who have been supporting us, We have been trying to make “fun-to-see, delicious-to-eat, happy-to-buy” products by using traditional techniques.


When it comes to soy sauces such as popular KABOSU soy sauce and TAKUMI soy sauce, Soy Sauce Main Store is the best. When it comes to seasonings such as YUZU KOSHO and Shichimi (mixture of red pepper and other spices), Yakumi-ya is the best. When it comes to traditional preserved foods such as Tsukudani, roasted garlic and jam, Tetsunabe Hiya Main Store is the best. When it comes to Sake such as local Sake and Shochu, Shochu-Kura is the best.


We run original shops as above and offer varieties of items.


Also our customers are satisfied with our Japanese style wrapping as a gift and a souvenir.

Please drop in and see us when you come to Yufuin.


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